Our Promises

At the center, we promise to welcome everyone who walks through our door as though they are family.

We promise to meet every young woman where she is, and not where we think she should be.

We promise to listen, to love, and to first try to understand completely her issues before we offer support.

We promise to offer access to prenatal care, tangible assistance, mentoring, and ongoing education.

We promise to be with her every step of the way — from confirmation of pregnancy until years after birth.

We promise to teach young parents the importance of finishing their education, acquiring job skills and ultimately achieving self-sufficiency.

We promise to be the advocate for the mother and her baby as she explores her options, like adoption.

We promise to refrain from judgment and to love unconditionally every woman we serve, regardless of what she ultimately chooses.

We promise to love and serve every mom and baby we see at no cost to them.